Patient Testimonials

We always love hearing what our patients have to say about their experience with us and how we helped them. Our main goal is to give you the best smile and dental health we can, and nothing makes us happier than to hear that we did that for you.

Can you say MIRACLE WORKER!! Dr Colby just did some serious magic on some ancient fillings that were cracked and whipped up a crown in about 15 min for another tooth and Voila! I walk out 2 hrs later with fixed tooth, a shiny new porcelain crown, NO PAIN, and I went home and ate dinner and ICE CREAM! I still have some more work (years of neglect) but I am sooooo thankful for QUALITY work! I had seen a couple of poor dentists in Los Angeles (1 who ate his delivery food off the counter while he worked on my teeth) so i had been procrastinating on having another exam. Dental work causes me a lot of anxiety and Dr Colby is so chill and kind, I totally relaxed once we began all the work.  I find it difficult to find a dentist who has the newest techniques, nice office, perfectionism in their work, a pleasant personality, and reasonable fees; he’s got it all happening!

Lori L.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a dentist; approximately 3 years. So I decided it’s time to see what kind of damage I’ve done to myself. 

I did a quick search for dentists that take my insurance and one of them led me to this office building. Interestingly, the dentist I went to see had left that office to work at another place and I was then assigned to Dr. Colby. This was one of the best flukes that have happened to me in a long time!

Firstly, the office space is located on one of Fallbrook’s back roads, which is great due to lack of traffic. Although their parking lot may seem cramped, it has always been relatively empty and ice had ample space to park.  Their office is pretty big and has a comfortable waiting area with music, reading materials and their staff are polite, friendly and talkative. 

Dr. Colby himself is a character and very charismatic; so were his assistants. We spoke for most of my visit and cracked jokes and life stories; really good people in that office. 

What really impressed me the most about this office and the staff is that there is a genuine care for their craft and all they do for you. They were always checking on my comfort level throughout the process and made me feel relaxed and assured that they had everything under control. Dr. Colby seemed like a perfectionist while working with me and he took extra care to make sure that everything came out juuuust right. Loved the work he did!

I’d also like to mention that the equipment they use here is state-of-the-art and I loved how they had cameras to take photos of my teeth so I can see the “before” and “after” of the process. Superb!!

I highly recommend coming to this office! They know what their doing and they do it right!

Kareem P.

January of 2017 Dr. Colby started me on the journey of straightening my teeth. Why I waited 50 years to do this baffles me. After 23 trays and only 15 months my teeth look great. My co workers had no idea I was even wearing Invisalign. The office staff is so accommodating and always seem to find times around my work schedule.

Jean R.

Both Dr. Stewart and Dr Colby are wonderful!  They  give great attention to detail!   The staff are all professional, kind, and genuine.  Their equipment is   state of the art. They take pictures before and after. They explain the process before, during ,and after!   I feel at ease with everything they are doing!  I would highly recommend this office !

Pamela B.

I just wanted to tell you readers how wonderful the dentists and staff are at Fallbrook Village Dental. The dental hygienist are gentle and very through. The dentists are state of the art in every way. My husband and I have been going to Dr. Stewart for over 25 years. My son and grandchildren are also patients. Dr. Colby is new and a great asset to the dental office. I highly recommend Fallbrook Village Dental.

Phyllis T.

Excellent! I moved and drive 45 minutes to keep this superior dentist and staff. Updated technology including same day crowns! One visit and you’re done. Quick. Efficient. Friendly. Best office in North County.

Kim C.

I have been to a lot of different dentist because I have moved so much with work but I was referred by a friend to Dr. Colby and he has been amazing to work with. He made the visits very pain free and the whole staff has been great work with. 

I would recommend Dr. Colby to anyone and will continue to take my family their. The whole team there is a cut above the average dentist.

Brandon T.

Dr Stewart and Dr Colby are FANTASTIC!!! I have “difficult” teeth to put it mildly. Now they have a 3D printer and you can actually get your crown WHILE YOU WAIT!!!!! After decades of old school dentistry this is amazing.. perfect fit and the best smile I’ve had in years!! Just got a follow up call from Dr Colby for the work he did on me several days ago to check up on how I was doing. I’m very pleased with the work and professionalism.

Laura M.

I am a new patient of Dr. Colby and although I have never met his partner or all their collaborators, the professionalism of the practice at large is palpable from the receptionists to Dr. Colby’s chair.

Right from the front door the atmosphere is jovial and kind, but yet professional and respectful. It makes it easier to leave the anxiety of the unknown at the door and the yearly dental exam becomes part of life and no longer the last item on the agenda, pushed away as long as possible.

Of course, it is the dentist office and not a day at Disneyland but Dr. Colby uses every modern tool at his disposal to make the experience as pain free and stress free (in my case), as he can.

What I like above all is the respect and trust Dr. Colby bestows to his staff.  He empowers people who work for him, (a risky business because in the end, the buck stops with him and Dr. Stewart). In return, the staff at “The Fallbrook Village Dental” exude confidence in their skills and judgment and as a result patients feel safer and more at ease.

Not a small added benefit!

Administratively it goes very smoothly as well, they are on top of the billing and insurance protocol; reminders of appointments float into your mailbox and on line and last but not least, Dr. Colby works efficiently. No need to return to his office for multiple appointments over several weeks.  You may have to spend an hour or more in his chair, but your dental work is done in one shot.  

A young dentist practicing state of the art dental medicine, as it should be and despite the high-tech equipment the prices are aligned with patient’s insurance guidelines and the cost of living in the area.

On and all a good experience and the 5 stars reviews received are well deserved.

Daniele T.

Dr. Colby and the whole gang at Fallbrook Village Dental are amazing. I have always been afraid of going to the dentist, but this office is more like family and I look forward to going each time!! #saycheesefallbrook


Jeremy P.

While on vacation, I had an unfortunate dental emergency where vacation photos would look not so great. With a recommendation to theses wonderful drs, I called and was able to get in that day!! They in fact stayed nearly 2 hours past closing time!! Talking to me through the entire process, not just about the points of procedure but just light conversation, made my time with them comfortable. Talking about what I should be expecting on my return visit home was above and beyond. The staff and drs at this office are amazing!!! 

Danyel D.

We LOVE going to our dentists at Fallbrook Village Dental!! The staff are all kind, and thorough! Dr. Stewart has been our Dentist for over 14 years. Dr. Colby is new and is wonderful! He is gentle and he explains everything that he is doing! Welcome to Fallbrook Dr. Colby!!!

Pam B.

I moved to Fallbrook from Coronado about 5 years ago and was referred to Dr. Stewart from a neighbor who had been coming to him for probably 15 years or more! His bedside manner is what you would want – he gets it, no frills, tell the truth, offer up realistic options, put the patient first and have an eye for aesthetics.  He didn’t try to push unnecessary or expensive procedures but at the same time is super knowledgeable about current dental trends, techniques and again, has the patient comfort and long term dental health in mind first, before making any diagnosis.

Just recently, I had the chance to connect with Dr. Colby and I couldn’t have been more pleased!  Again, his bedside manner (so important for me) is wonderful.  He explains the process, asks how I am throughout, calls the next day to check in on me!  He is a great addition to the Fallbrook Village Dental team – and I would highly recommend him!  My last visit went off without a hitch and virtually pain free!

Everyone in the office makes an effort to get to know you and accommodate crazy work schedules (like mine).  Thank you to the doctors and staff there for all your care! I trust you all immensely with my long term dental health!

Rochelle V.

Clean and staff is friendly. Very welcoming. Everyone works well together and are personable.

Dani L.

I love Fallbrook Dental and so does my Family! Shannon, front desk is always delightful and communicates very effectiviely any concerns for payment of treatment. Dr. Colby makes going to the dentist so comforting and explained everything that needed attention! He and Cierra work very well together and had me in and out in an extremely timely manner. I had an initial consultation and then by the next week I had the silver out of my mouth and a beautiful porceline crown cut to form that very day! No waiting with a temporary, then be fitted weeks later and endure more drills…My choppers were ready to fully smile with confidence by the second visit! Thank you Fallbrook Village Dental! Much obliged!!! Highly recommended!!!

Mia R.

My family has been cared for by Fallbrook Village Dental for many years. Even now as my daughters are adults they still choose to see Dr. Stewart and Dr. Colby. Kindness, caring and professionalism are felt from the moment you enter to the time you leave. They make a sometimes stressful and frightening situation into the best possible experience. I originally chose this dental office after having been to another dentist who was “selling” me treatments that I never needed. That is something that will never happen to you with Dr. Stewart and Dr. Colby. Dr. Colby recently began doing dental implants in office opposed to sending you out to someone else. My dental implant process was not at all painful or difficult in any way. Dr. Colby called and checked on me during the process, making sure everything was alright. I am more than happy with the results.

Lillian R.

I came to Fallbrook Village Dental in November.  Dr. Colby and the staff are wonderful!  First, Dr. Colby and his staff are very caring about your comfort.  Also, Dr. Colby did and absolutely AWESOME job on a bridge.  I confess that I was a bit worried, but the bridge is very comfortable … so close to real teeth that it is hard to notice that it’s not real.  The hygienist was also very good.  And, last, but not least, the front office is super.  I had accurate insurance information right from the start with them, which was initially a concern for me, as another local dentist’s office had significant problems with obtaining insurance payments.  I highly recommend Dr. Colby and the staff!!

Keyzn S.

I recently was referred to Dr. Stewart by a coworker and found not only the doctor but the entire staff very friendly and very professional. I would highly recommend fallbrook village dental.

David M.