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All-on-4® dental implants provide permanent, same-day replacement for an entire arch of teeth.

Imagine loving your smile. Imagine not living with constant pain. Imagine eating all of your favorite foods.

Your eyes and smile are what people notice first, good or bad. A bright, strong smile can win you that promotion, can earn respect, can get you a date.

how all-on-4® works

All-on-4® is a specialized dental implant procedure that replaces an entire arch of teeth with only four implants. 

The angles in which the implants are placed is important. Precise angles provide a solid foundation for your teeth, utilizing the most available bone. This is good news for those who’ve worn dentures for a long time and whose bone might be on the thin side. All-on-4® has made it possible for even these patients to have permanent teeth again.

What this means for you is a minimally invasive, shorter surgery. All-on-4® is more cost effective than when dentists had to use multiple, individual implants for a full-arch of teeth.

When I first was able to feel like was doing a natural smile and really seeing them, I thought, “Wow!”

It makes you be able to relax and actually enjoying talking to people again.

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All-on-4® can change your life!

First there were dentures

Dentures have been the traditional method for replacing teeth. Dentures can help you chew and speak and, when worn, return some facial structure. However, dentures tend to slip out of place, and messy glues are often necessary. Dentures can rub, are often uncomfortable, and end up in your pocket. Since dentures are worn on top of your jawbone, they do nothing to stop the gradual erosion of bone.

Science and technology are ever-evolving and today we have new and better methods available to us. 


Then there were multiple dental implants

Dental implants quickly became the preferred method for replacing teeth. But an implant per tooth proved to be a problem: cost, multiple incisions, and all of the  implants required a good amount of healthy bone or they wouldn’t hold.  

multiple dental implant illustration
all-on-4-upper-lower illustration

Now there is All-on-4®

Permanent, lightweight, and aesthetically realistic, All-on-4® is the gold standard of tooth replacement options. In a matter of hours All-on-4® will give you a brand new smile!

If you have been told previously that you weren’t a candidate for dental implants, due to poor or limited bone, the All-on-4® procedure can help. Four strategically placed implants utilize more bone than was possible in the past. The unique angling of the implants enables more contact with bone and a perfectly balanced, sturdy foundation for your teeth. 

All-on-4® implants can withstand the daily forces of chewing and biting. The hybrid (the teeth) that goes with your All-on-4® is incredibly small, especially in comparison to the dentures of the past, sitting only on top of your gums, rather than covering your entire mouth. Your new teeth will feel like they’re your own. 

I was starting to have tooth infections and kept getting it done piecemeal, you know, one thing here, one thing here. At that point I got more worried about my health and just wanted to get it all done at once. 

Don’t let your smile slow you down!
All-on-4® dental implants look, feel, and function just like real teeth.

What to expect from your All-on-4® procedure

Deciding to get All-on-4® is a big decision and , with the upcoming procedure, you may have some questions. We’re always available to answer any question you have. By the date of your procedure, we will have explained what you can expect and how to prepare before and after surgery.


At the time of your initial consultation, you’ll meet with Dr. Colby to discuss your dental goals. He’ll understand the smile you’re wanting and will answer any questions or concerns you may have. An exam will be performed and X-rays will be taken this first day.

At your pre-op, we’ll take all the necessary scans, photos, and impressions of your mouth using our advanced technology. You’ll receive the instructions for what to do the morning of your procedure and aftercare. You’ll receive your prescriptions, which you’ll want to fill before the day of your procedure. 


The day of your procedure you’ll take a pill an hour before arriving to help relax you. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing.

When you get to the office you’ll be escorted to the back, made comfortable, and then sedated. A qualified member of our team will be by your side the entire time while you are sleeping. Most patients don’t remember the procedure, they just sleep through it. 

You can expect to be at our office for the majority of the day. The procedure is only a few hours, but you’ll be sleeping off the anesthesia for a while.

When you wake up, you’ll have a beautiful set of temporary teeth. These are your healing set, which you’ll wear while your body and bone heal and integrate with the implants—a crucial step to ensure the best possible result. Temporary teeth are nearly indistinguishable from what your final teeth will look like. 


What makes All-on-4® so successful—and the gold standard of full-arch dental implants—is the healing time between surgery and receiving your finals. It takes a full 4-6 months for your implants to completely fuse with your body and bone. Without it, you risk compromising your health and ultimately losing your implants.

During this time, you get to “test drive” the temporary teeth. As you live with these teeth, you can decide if you like the shape or the color. Do they fit perfectly in your mouth? Is the bite correct? You have ample time to let us know what you like or don’t like about your teeth, so that when your final set is made, they will be perfect.


We believe in a quality, lasting, custom result, not an assembly line of pre-made hybrids. We want your teeth to last a lifetime and our lab has been preparing teeth per your specifications.


On the day you receive your finals, you’ll come in and we’ll deliver your custom, permanent teeth and make sure they fit and look just right. In 2-3 weeks, you’ll come back for a post op to confirm everything is perfect.

From here on out you just take care of them like you would natural teeth. Brush, floss, and we strongly recommend the use of a water pick. Come in for your annual cleanings, where your hygienist will remove your teeth and deep clean the hybrid.

Dr. Colby headshot

Trained at the prestigious 4M Institute, Dr. Jordan D. Colby and his talented team have the knowledge and experience you want in your implant dentist.

Come in today for a dental implant consultation and see how All-on-4® can change your life!

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